I will assume this gossip story is NOT TRUE until proven otherwise, but check out what some blogs are reporting about Shaq and Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander:

The Clutch Blog on MTV.com reports:

Is Shaq marrying Hoopz from Flava of Love?

Remember Hoopz, the girl who won Flava Flav’s heart on the first season of “Flava of Love”? Apparently she’s marrying Shaq! We knew they were dating, but the St. Louis Post Dispatch says that things are about to get much more serious. According to the paper, they were together at a St. Louis restaurant when Shaq “brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger.” Sounds like a proposal to us.

And Blog.VH1.com reports:

Adding fuel to these (very speculative!) fires is a story on the (pretty reputable) sports website Sports By Brooks that says, and we quote, the site “has also been informed that O’Neal has spent much of his summer in Alexander’s hometown of Maryville, TN. In fact, the current Celtic now has a home with Alexander in Maryville’s Royal Oaks golf community.”

UPDATE: Mike Wise (Washington Post) wrote the following on Twitter (thanks to Howard Beck of the New York Times for spotting this): “The Daddy not engaged to Hoops. Shaquille O’Neal’s text message reply to my congrats: “What engagement dnt believe dat.”

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