Antawn Jamison on the current home stand: “This is one of the last home stands of the season.  This is an opportunity for us to get some home cooking.  We play a game and get a day off after every game.  At this point in the season, you don’t get many opportunities like that.  Hopefully we can get some healthy bodies out on the court as well.  We can really start to see what type of team we’re going to be heading into the next month and hopefully the playoffs.”

Antawn Jamison on Caron Butler’s play in practice: “He looks quick.  He looks lively.  The key is how he feels later on tonight.  I think he’ll give it another practice before he plays in a game.  He looked pretty good.  We’re going to see what happens once he gets some ice on him and gets an opportunity to rest.”

Antawn Jamison on Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas: “It’s good to see those guys moving around and getting closer and closer to playing.  We’d like to see them out there but we’ve got to be patient.  It’s almost like Christmas…you’re counting down the days until you can finally open the presents.  It would be nice to see number zero and number three out there on the basketball court.”