By editor Jeff Lenchiner

We at InsideHoops get lots of fan mail. Sometimes it’s people helping out with the depth charts, or reminding us to please update a feature. Questions about the league. Opinions about this and that. And then, of course, each day there are emails sent to me from hundreds of beautiful women, asking me to date them, telling me how they love my combination of good looks, fame and amazing lifestyle of travel, sports and fun. This is all expected.

Yet, no one has ever gotten in touch with us about saving the Sonics. Ever. What’s up with that? Just yesterday I got about five emails from some Hawks fans. And two from Clippers fans. Hawks and Clippers fans! Several of them! Yet, nothing about the Sonics or keeping them in Seattle. Who runs the ‘Save the Sonics’ movement? I know one movement is run by a dude named Brian. Never heard from him, though. Are there any other such movements out there? Grassroots stuff. If so, go to the message board and post about it. Or, if it’s actually big and worthy of attention, email it to me. Go to and click ‘contact us’ and you’ll see what to do.