Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star reports:

Josh McRoberts, Tyler Hansbrough, Jeff Foster, Solomon Jones and Magnum Rolle are candidates. Danny Granger also will play some at the position when O’Brien goes with a small lineup.

Hansbrough is viewed as the future but is working himself into shape after missing most of his rookie season. O’Brien said he’d start McRoberts if the season opened today, but quickly pointed out that the regular season is four weeks away.

“Coach said that spot is open,” McRoberts said. “I feel good. I feel like I put in the time and the work over the summer and I deserve the opportunity. I’m excited.”

InsideHoops.com editor says: I think a month or two into the season, whoever best provides the dirty work — setting tough picks, rebounding, defending — will earn the job. If it was a few years ago, I’d go with Foster. But now, it’s anyone’s guess.