Tim Buckley of the Deseret News reports:

Still unaccustomed to the actual purchase power of his newfound riches, Hayward — 20-year-old Hoosier, Jazz rookie millionaire, newly minted Larry H. Miller dealership loyalist — is not nearly spoiled enough yet to think so ostentatiously.

He got a Honda Accord.

“That’s a good, practical car for me,” Hayward said Tuesday, after his first session of fall two-a-day training camp. “The first car I’ve ever owned, so that was real exciting when I drove off with it the first time.”

The Accord — most sticker well under $30,000 — is a little more low-to-the-road than the minivan, but not far removed from the class in which he’s been rolling.

InsideHoops.com editor says: I wonder if it came with an AM radio, and maybe a cassette deck.