John Jackson of the Chicago Sun-Times writes:

With Boozer as a viable option in the low post, teams no longer can gang up on Rose on the perimeter. When the ball is thrown in to Boozer, opponents now will have a choice to make — double-team Boozer or let him operate one-on-one in the post.

If teams choose to double-team Boozer, he’ll kick it out to Rose. If not, they’ll have to contend with a player who averaged 19.5 points for the Utah Jazz last season.

”[Boozer’s] versatility is a great asset,” Thibodeau said. ”It starts with his post-up game. The thing that often gets overlooked is his ability to pass out of the post. He’s a terrific passer out of the post, so when the ball goes in and we cut, those are other opportunities to get easy baskets.”

Boozer is the type of big man whose game meshes perfectly with Rose and the type of offense Thibodeau wants to run.

Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer, left, and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, right, battle for the ball during the first half of Game 2 of their Western Conference semifinal series at Staples Center in Los Angeles on May 4, 2010. The Lakers won 111-103 . UPI Photo/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom