Frank Hanrahan of CSN Washington reports:

John Wall had a homework assignment this week. After turning the ball over too many times in his first 5 games, Wizards coach Flip Saunders told his prized rookie point guard to watch some game film of one the greatest point guards that ever played in John Stockton.

The shorts were super tight but so was Stockton’s game leading the Utah Jazz for 19 seasons. Stockton was the master of the pick and roll and it didn’t hurt to have another Hall of Famer running that two game man game with him in Karl Malone. Stockton left the NBA in 2003 as the all time assist and steals leader and later was a deserved Hall of Famer.

“It was about a 45 minute tape of Stockton that John (Wall) watched the last two days leading up to the Rockets game,” Saunders said. All he (Wall) was talking about was how Stockton was so deliberate and how he played under control.”