Ed Fletcher of the Sacramento Bee reports:

On Saturday, a Yuba City man made the halfcourt shot to win a car.

John Guth’s halfcourt basket came two weeks after team owner Joe Maloof tweaked the rules to give an Army lieutenant a new car for making a shot from the free-throw line.

“I wish our players could shoot that well,” Maloof said after Guth’s impressive shot.

Before shooting, Guth told the announced crowd of 13,504 that he intended to “go glass.” Then, he expertly banked it down from half court before erupting into celebration dance that channeled former King Mike Bibby with a little two-fisted Tiger Woods fist pump action thrown in.

“That was just instinct to run around,” said Guth, 27. “It was so exciting. It was surreal.”

The new car is perfect timing, he said. He currently drives a “just get me by” Ford Taurus with no heat and a major crack in its windshield.

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