In today’s edition of “Phil Jackson says fun stuff,” the Lakers coach chimes in on Cavaliers home games.

Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times reports:

phil jackson

Many NBA followers are eager to see LeBron James’ return to Cleveland when Miami players there Thursday.

Not Jackson.

“That’s not of interest to me,” he said. “I hate to listen to the Cleveland broadcast. Their announcers are so loud on the court. It’s just an obnoxious place.”

But almost everybody will be watching on Thursday.

“That’s my night off,” Jackson said, smiling.

The thing is, home crowds are supposed make the game “obnoxious” for the visiting team. So, it’s almost a compliment. Somewhat. Maybe. Or something.

As for the LeBron at Cleveland game, I’ll be watching. The boos Cavs fans hurl at LeBron may be of record-setting proportions. Also, basketball will be played, and that’s a nice supporting attraction.

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