Charlotte Bobcats Stephen Jackson argues a call with an official as he plays against the Washington Wizards during the first period at the Verizon Center in Washington on March 23, 2010. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

The AP reports:

Charlotte Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson has sent a letter to fans apologizing for his ejection and ensuing one-game suspension for verbally abusing a referee.

Jackson’s letter was e-mailed to season-ticket holders Friday, hours before he was to play against New Jersey in his first game since his punishment.

Jackson says he let his teammates and coaches down, “but more importantly, I let our fans down.”

Stephen Jackson apology letter:

People do not like to admit they are wrong, but my actions in Milwaukee last week resulted in an ejection and ultimately an NBA suspension for the next game. As a result, I let myself, my teammates and my coaches down, but more importantly, I let our fans down. In my heart, I know I have to adjust my emotions on the floor and I vow to work harder than ever to not put myself or this team in that situation again.

I understand the rules that the NBA has established to govern players’ behavior on the floor and I respect the job the officials have each night. NBA players are bigger, faster and more athletic than ever, so being able to call a perfect game each night and see every foul is tough, and I have to take that into consideration.

I play this game with all the passion, love and respect of those who came before me. It’s a privilege to play professional basketball and I have been blessed with the talent and opportunity to play this game at a high level. In order for me to display those gifts, I have to be on the floor with my teammates. As a co-captain, I have to lead by example and I feel it’s my obligation and commitment to this team to carry out those responsibilities.

I’m back tonight as we take on the New Jersey Nets, and I hope to continue bringing you memorable moments on the court and not for my behavior.

- Source: Charlotte Observer editor says: Smart move by S-Jax (or, more likely, the PR person who helped write the letter). Now he just has to keep playing hard, entertaining the fans and help the team as usual.

For the season, Jackson is averaging 18.1 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game, on borderline acceptable 43.7% shooting, with an impressive 41.6% mark from three-point range.