Los Angeles Lakers NBA player Ron Artest wore his championship winning team s colors, purple and gold, as he made his way through a sea of fans outside Voyeur Nightclub in West Hollywood, California on June 24, 2010.Ron Ron sported a large necklace that reads True Warier.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Elliot Teaford of the Los Angeles Daily News reports:

Ron Artest acknowledged during an interview with ESPN what almost every Lakers watcher has assumed since he signed with the team as a free agent during the summer of 2009. He admitted he doesn’t know the Lakers’ offense.

“See, I can’t really understand the triangle,” he said in a story posted Saturday on ESPN.com. “There’s 1,000 plays in the triangle. It’s such a challenge. I get so frustrated about it. So I just stay in my one spot in the corner.

“If I leave my spot, I get yelled at. (Lakers coach) Phil (Jackson’s) gonna say, `What are you doing over there!’ So I just don’t move.”

Artest made his comments Dec. 3 during a day-long visit with Rick Reilly.

The Lakers called off Saturday’s scheduled practice, so Artest was not available for comment. He was the first player to leave the locker room after the Lakers’ loss to the Chicago Bulls on Friday, the first game on their six-game trip.

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