Cue up some Rocky theme music and get inspired as the Westchester Journal News (Mike Dougherty) quotes Isiah Thomas from Knicks shootaround this morning: “Anytime you’re losing like this and you’re having as tough a year as I’ve had personally and professionally, it’s definitely tough,” Thomas said. “However, you persevere, you overcome, you gain strength, you move on, you knuckle under and you continue fighting. You get your tail kicked and you get back up. My strength and my resolve, if anything, I definitely know that I’m tough enough to take it now. I still feel strong and ready to go out and compete, but I guess there comes a time when you always have to get tested, and the only way you get tested is to really get knocked down. We definitely got knocked down, and I’m strong enough to get back up. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, I’ll never quit and I’ll keep coming back.”