While young point guards like Chris Paul and Deron Williams are taking over the league, Raymond Felton of the Bobcats has been used inconsistently — but also played inconsistently and not shot well, and doesn’t look like a star just yet.

The Charlotte Observer (Rick Bonnell) reports: If Raymond Felton continues to shoot the way he has the past five games, he’ll finish the season below 40 percent from the field. Felton is 18-of-63, or 28.5 percent, in that span. More telling, still, is Felton’s 3-point shooting in those games: 1-of-11. I don’t think Felton has been coached well this season; he’s been jerked around between the point and shooting guard positions, and no one performs his best with a murky job description. However, he has to do better than he’s done of late, and that should start with more drives and fewer long jump shots.