The AP reports:

Paul Pierce is saving money at All-Star game

Paul Pierce is glad to be back home for the All-Star game, even though the Boston Celtics star is hearing some boos.

“To come back here for a second time and play in an All-Star game really means a lot—just to save money on plane tickets and hotels for my mom and my aunts,” he said, laughing.

Pierce is from nearby Inglewood, where he used to sneak into the Forum growing up to see the Lakers play.

The boos Pierce has heard are reminiscent of Kobe Bryant getting booed when the All-Star game was played in Philadelphia, where he was a high school star.

“When you play for L.A.’s biggest rival, it’s tough getting booed by the fans. But I’m sure if Kobe Bryant was from Boston, he’d get booed, too, if he went back there,” Pierce said.