Obviously every player’s goal is to win a championship, and in the case of the Orlando Magic, it’s a very tough yet certainly realistic goal.

Dwight Howard, writing on his own website, says:

I´ve said it a hundred times and I´ll keep saying it – we have what it takes to win a championship on this Magic team. I know a lot of teams out there have made trades, especially the Knicks getting ‘Melo, but I like our team just the way that it is. We have all the pieces needed to win a championship this year and I feel like we´re just now hitting our peak at the right time. Maybe we´ll be like the Packers and get hot at the right time and roll through the playoffs the way that they did.

We just have to bring this same kind of focus and intensity every game. New York tried to get all physical with us, but we didn´t back down an inch and I really liked that about us. When we play tough and physical like that and keep our heads in the game, we´re a really tough team to beat.

It was cool hearing the crowd chant M-V-P! for me last night during the game. It´s come and gone a few times during the year, but it was really strong last night. Feeling that love from the crowd is special to me and it never gets old. Although my teammates mess with me and say that I miss my free throws every time the crowd does the M-V-P chants.

Currently, the Celtics and Heat appear to be the best squads in the East, followed by the Bulls and then Magic.