The Ron Artest “Go Loco” official video is here:


By Jeff Lenchiner

ron artest go loco rap video

I’ve been visiting Los Angeles since NBA All-Star weekend in mid February and have enjoyed wild, fun adventures during my extended time in Hollywood. And just when I thought this week, which already featured three straight days of Playboy parties, including two at the Playboy Mansion, couldn’t get any more interesting, I stumbled into getting cast as a panda bear in the new Ron Artest rap video for his song “Go Loco.”

Relaxing in a trendy hotel lounge in Hollywood Tuesday evening, I ran into famous rapper Fat Joe and his manager Macho, both of whom are long-time pals of mine from New York City. (Be sure to check out the great EBC Rucker Park streetball documentary “The Blackout,” featuring Fat Joe, Jay-Z and plenty of quotes from yours truly.)

Joe, it turned out, was there to film a rap video. I was quickly invited to attend the taping, and headed downstairs to the video set, where I found out the video not for Joe, but for a Ron Artest song called “Go Loco.” Celebs on set for the shoot included Fat Joe, B-Real of Cypress Hill, actor and basketball fan David Arquette, and TV host George Lopez. Artest and fellow Los Angeles Laker Matt Barnes came later in the evening, a bit late after edging the Phoenix Suns in an intense triple-overtime thriller.

Also on hand for the Artest video shoot were several “little people” (the video features an area identified by a sign as a “Midget Bar”), a few other interesting characters, and a large heap of very pretty girls good at shaking all sorts of body parts in a wide variety of directions.

Most of the Go Loco filming that I saw focused on Artest and others relaxing in a nightclub setting, bouncing to the song’s beats. I mostly stayed in the back with friends of the rappers by the bar area, a few of whom were regular readers, which is always cool to hear.

As hours went by, most of the video was successfully filmed, and most celebs and friends called it a night, leaving me and a fairly small handful of people hanging around to watch until the very end. “Final set,” yelled one assistant.

A producer then came to me and asked how I’d feel about wearing a panda bear costume. I assumed he was kidding and that it was his way of telling me to move or get out. But he was serious; it was in the script. Very few guys were left in the room at the time, and the wearer of the costume had to be tall, so there were actually very few candidates. I stand 6-3 and could handle it.

Faced with a choice, I could call it a night and leave with no involvement in the video, or rock a panda bear costume.

How could I pass on such a prestigious opportunity? I said yes.

jeff lenchiner

I’ll leave it to you to check out how the video turned out, but I will describe my scene: A flock of hot girls, a giant chicken and a panda bear (me, the editor of are entering a nightclub. I’m in the middle, surrounded by the girls, with one holding my hand and leading me into the club. The giant chicken is in the back.

Don’t ask. I have no idea. All I know is, it was completely unexpected fun, and I can’t wait to see how amusing the video turns out.