Tom Enlund of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Scott Skiles says Bucks lacked leadership this season

By now, we all now that the Bucks were a solid defensive team this season but one that was offensively challenged.

And, we’re well aware of the rash of injuries that hampered the team all season.

But it’s also the intangibles that contribute greatly to the success or failure of a team. Things like having a strong leadership presence among the players and a cohesive team chemistry. Those were two key areas in which the Bucks came up short this season.

“It’s fair to say we did not have good leadership on our team this year,” said coach Scott Skiles.  “But that’s something you can’t manufacture. You can’t just say that guy is a leader.

“I guarantee you’d be shocked in all pro sports, when you’re on the inside of something like this and you know the league and players and coaches, and somebody in the media will say, ‘That guy’s the leader of that team’. Often times, it’s so far from the truth that it’s ridiculous.

“You can’t manufacture that. It just naturally happens. Some people are just natural leaders. Other people can cultivate it some themselves. And then you need both. If you have good leadership on the team you also need guys that will follow the leader. Chemistry and all those things are very fragile things.”