Anon coach says Heat run no plays

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe reports:

The Heat were a classic bully team. They were 40-5 against teams .500 or below and only 18-19 against teams above .500. That tells you something.

Offensively speaking, what are they?

They are just a conglomeration of three talented solo acts, according to one mystified Eastern Conference coach.

“The Heat do not run any plays at all,’’ he insists. “The Lakers have the triangle. The Celtics run plays. The Bulls run plays. But the Heat don’t run any plays at all. They just hand the ball to LeBron or Wade and ask him to do something with it.’’

The Heat have one great source of offense, however, and how much they get to exploit it may very well determine who wins this series. The one guaranteed way to get yourself beaten, and possibly even embarrassed, by the Miami Heat is to turn the ball over between the top of the key and midcourt, thereby allowing the Heat to get into the league’s most lethal transition game. LeBron and Wade are devastating weapons in the open floor.

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