The Kings are in a tough situation. Things are not ideal for them in Sacramento because they need a new arena, but the leading candidate to land the team if they move, the city of Anaheim, is not the best spot either because it’s fairly close to Los Angeles, and it’s unclear that fans there would sell out NBA games. (And there’s way more, but there’s your quick one-paragraph summary.)

An announcement is expected today, but early word is that the Kings may stay in Sacramento, at least for the upcoming season.

Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register reports:

Kings relocation news

It appears Anaheim and the city-owned Honda Center have been left at the altar again.

Despite months of negotiations with Anaheim arena officials that pushed the Sacramento Kings to the brink of relocating in Anaheim, the Maloof family has at least temporarily abandoned its plans to move to Orange County because of opposition to the move by the NBA.

Officials from Anaheim Arena Management, which had been in relocation negotiations with the Maloofs since September, were told of the family’s decision early Monday morning.

The NBA is expected to issue a statement Monday morning announcing that the franchise will remain in Sacramento and not submit an application to move by Monday’s twice-delayed relocation deadline. A statement from the Kings is expected to follow.

Note that this may just be temporary. The Kings may just remain in Sacramento next season while continuing to seek a new home for 2012-13 and the future.

Hit the front page later as official word is released about this.

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