Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher should probably be a reserve at this point, but he’s still definitely useful as a defender, flopper, leader, positive influence around young players, and occasional shot-maker. And he’s reportedly not looking to retire just yet. Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register reports:

Derek Fisher not retiring yet

Derek Fisher will be 37 before he plays another NBA game — 38 if he, as NBA players’ union president can’t help prevent last season from being lost to work stoppage — but he is not considering retirement at all.

“That’s not even a thought,” Fisher said Tuesday.

Fisher said the Lakers didn’t get better this season, saying: “Sometimes you think you have it figured out.”

He expressed confidence the team, as constructed, would succeed next season.

“I’d take the same exact group of guys and line ‘em up and lace ‘em up and we’d get the job done,” Fisher said. “That’s what I believe can and will happen.”

It’ll be very interesting to see what changes the Lakers make this offseason.

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