The Miami Heat lead the Dallas Mavericks 1-0 in the 2011 NBA Finals. Here’s what Mavs guard Jason Terry said on a practice day between games 1 and 2:

jason terry

Question: Jason, what adjustment are you going to make against LeBron for Game 2?

Jason Terry: Defensively, we have to be up and into him. Offensively I think he guarded me in the second half. We’re just going to be a lot more active. Looking for opportunities in transition. And then other than that, stand in the corner and let him guard me. I don’t want to give away all my secrets.

Question: Tyson was talking about how Miami lured you into their tempo in Game 1. What do you have to do to adjust that in Game 2?

Terry: We have to look for early opportunities and rebound the ball. When you give up as many points we did on second chance opportunities, then that doesn’t allow us to get into our transition game. So we’ve seen that on the film. It was a glaring stat. And it’s something that if we want to hoist that trophy up in the end, we’re going to have to get that corrected quickly.

Question: Jason, did you see when Dirk got hurt? Or did you notice that it affected him in any way?

Terry: No, it didn’t affect him. I seen when it happened. He swiped down. It was his left hand. He don’t use that anyway.

Question: Jason, how much has LeBron guarded you in the past?

Terry: Never, really. It was a big adjustment, something we weren’t prepared for. We seen it, we made our adjustment and we’ll be prepared in Game 2.

Question: Had you seen what he had done against Derrick Rose in the past and other guys? Can you talk about his ability to stay with smaller guys.

Terry: You know, with him he has a size advantage and he uses his strength very well. But he’s still quick. He’s still quick enough to kind of stay in front of you. But, again, this was the first time we’ve seen it against us. And so now we know what to do and make our adjustment. We’ll see if it works.