The Oregonian reports:

nicolas batum

French newspaper L’ouest-France, to Batum: You’ve had discussions with Nancy (French basketball team) for the next season if the lockout continues in the NBA. What’s the deal?

Batum: “The discussions surrounding the lockout are going to endure for quite awhile unfortunately. I’ve always said I don’t want to wait 3-4 months without playing and if that means coming back to France, it would be so that I could evolve with a team and participate in the Euro Cup, and especially the Euroleague. Nothing is official, but Nancy is an interesting club who competes and gets results, and who has regularly been in the final for the French League championship in the past few years with their coach, Jean-Luc Monschau. He’s a really good coach, and he has a good staff. The club has good qualities, and it’s true that I have contacts there.”