Duane Rankin of the Erie Times-News reports:

The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to announce Thursday afternoon a single-affiliation partnership with a D-League team that will play in Canton, Ohio, for the 2011-12 season.

The Cavs e-mailed a news release tonight stating there will be a news conference Thursday at noon at the Canton Civic Center. It’s expected the Cavs have bought the New Mexico Thunderbirds and will move them to Canton.

The Erie BayHawks were affiliated with the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first three seasons in the D-League before establishing three-year hybrid partnership deal with the New York Knicks last month.

The BayHawks were also affiliated with the Philadelphia 76ers during their expansion 2008-09 season and the Toronto Raptors the past two D-League seasons.

UPDATE: The deal is done. Full info is here.

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