Terry Hutchens of the Indianapolis Star reports:

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw’s title on the Indiana Pacers staff will read “associate head coach.” A detailed job description has yet to be finalized, however.

Shaw said Wednesday that he is merely one of three assistants. Coach Frank Vogel, though, said Shaw will be the top aide.

“Brian will be the lead assistant, and he and I will sort of coach this team together,” Vogel said. “He’ll be my No. 1 sound board. He’ll coach this team if I get kicked out or if I’m unable to go. He’ll have a larger role in practice, although everyone will be involved.

“He’s just a guy who is a step under being head coach.”

Shaw was introduced to the media Wednesday as the team continued to fill out its staff. Longtime Pacers assistant Dan Burke will stay on as one of the other two assistants. Vogel said an announcement is imminent about the final member of his staff.

InsideHoops.com editor says: Popular perception was, Shaw thought he was next in line to coach the Los Angeles Lakers once Phil Jackson stepped down. But that didn’t happen, and now Shaw remains an assistant. It’ll be interesting to see how rookie coach Mark Jackson does in his first year running the Golden State Warriors. If something goes wrong there, maybe Shaw would be a possible replacement.

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