Colin Stephenson of the Newark Star-Ledger reports:

Jordan Farmar

Nets star Deron Williams may be the biggest name among locked out NBA players who has decided to play overseas, but he isn’t the only one who is considering the idea. His Nets teammate, Jordan Farmar, is also looking into the possibility of playing in another country during the NBA lockout, he told The Star-Ledger today.

Farmar, who is the backup point guard to Williams on the Nets, may end up playing in Israel. The Southern California native is Jewish, and his stepfather is Israeli, which would make him an attractive commodity for teams in the Israeli league.

“Yeah, I’d definitely consider that,” Farmar said in a text message when asked if he would be interested in playing in Israel. editor says: Israel is one of the more popular places for players just outside the NBA to sign. I know bunches who have loved it there. Overall play there isn’t as good as in parts of Europe, but it’s in the mix.