K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports:

Tom Thibodeau

Being of single-minded focus, Tom Thibodeau is preparing for next season as if there isn’t a lockout. Whenever that ends, expect the reigning Coach of the Year to be healthier and prowling the sidelines with even more gusto.

That’s because Thibodeau underwent partial right knee replacement surgery on July 13 to fix a painful arthritic condition dating to an injury from his playing days at Salem (Mass.) State.

Thibodeau tore cartilage in college and had his meniscus completely removed during the ensuing surgery, leaving bone to basically rub on bone for the last 30 years. Colleagues said the condition began affecting what little sleep Thibodeau bagged last season. Befitting the tough-minded team he led to a league-high 62 victories and Eastern Conference finals berth last season, Thibodeau never discussed the situation, even making light of it on Thursday.