George Hill

The ABA Texas Fuel today announced that George Hill, the former San Antonio Spurs guard recently traded to the Indiana Pacers, is scheduled to play for the Texas Fuel pending the NBA lockout.

It appears that Hill, so far, has only agreed to play in one exhibition game. Not for the actual ABA season.

The Texas Fuel will open its pre-season on Sunday, October 16th vs. the West Texas Whirlwind at Manual Garza B. Gymnasium at the University of Texas at Brownsville, TX and Texas Southwest College.

“We are very pleased to have George as part of the Texas Fuel while the NBA lockout continues,” stated Marlon Minifee, Texas Fuel GM. “He is a great player and a terrific young man who has done so much for the community; I know we will miss seeing him play for the San Antonio Spurs, but we are excited about his being able to return home to Indianapolis when the NBA resumes play. For now, he will add so very much to our team.with his skills and leadership.”

The exhibition game will start at 6pm; adult tickets are $10, kids under 13 are $5.