Ricky Rubio, David Kahn, NBA Draft, Minnesota Timberwolves

FIBA Europe reports:

Ricky Rubio is comfortable with his role in a Spain team that many wondered if he would make this summer.

The playmaker should make his much anticipated debut in the NBA this coming season with the Minnesota Timberwolves if the lockout ends and he’s hoping it will be a breath of fresh air because there were some tough times at Barcelona.

Rubio doesn’t possess a great jump shot but passes extremely well and plays as good a defense as any player at the EuroBasket.

He didn’t score in the 77-68 win over Germany on Wednesday and frankly, he doesn’t care.

“Little by little, I’m getting better as the tournament goes on,” he says.

“I feel more comfortable, although I still have to improve in shooting.

“I think I’ve done well in other facets of the game and that boosts my confidence.

“I know my limitations and my strengths and I have to take advantage of those.

“My strength is defending and hopefully I will see my shots go in but it does not worry me.”