A small meeting between a few top representatives of NBA owners and players took place Thursday in New York City. The discussion reportedly lasted over five hours.

First, here are comments from David Stern on the owners side of the fence:

According to Howard Beck of the New York Times via Twitter, “Stern says talks will resume Tues in NY, with full committees from both sides. Won’t say whether that’s an indication of anything. Adam Silver also, somewhat testily, refutes suggestion that no new proposals have been exchanged since June.”

According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, “League and union agreed to bring full committees to New York for larger meeting on Tuesday, David Stern said. Stern said there is nothing formal to present to larger committees. Time was right to see if there will “be a deal or shouldn’t be a deal.” Stern: “We think it’s getting to be an important time and it was a good idea to have larger committees.” Stern: “I don’t really know that it’s positive or negative. I just think it’s time to bring the parties to the room.” Board of Governors scheduled to meet Thursday. Asked what he hopes to tell full board, Stern said, “I’ll tell you on Thursday.” Deputy commish Adam Silver disputed notion of no new proposals since June 30. Nothing formal or complete, but “ideas” and “concepts.” Stern said sense or urgency comes “more because of the calendar” than progress in talks. Decisions must be made “eventually,” he said.”

And, according to David Aldridge of Turner Sports, “League, players to meet again in NYC next Tuesday, with full committees on both sides. Stern says “it’s time” to have more people in room. Stern says calendar dictates expansion of meetings. Stern also said no vote authorizing cancellation of games and/or training camps will be taken at next Thursday’s Board of Governors meeting.”

As for what representatives of the NBA players union said today:

According to Ken Berger: “Derek Fisher: Union officials will meet with players in Las Vegas next week to get feedback on what’s been negotiated so far. A few dozen players already scheduled to be in Vegas for Impact Basketball league. All players invited to meeting, Fisher said. Players’ meeting on Sept. 15 in Vegas coincides with owners’ meeting the same day in Dallas.”

And according to David Aldridge: “Fisher; I wouldn’t read into full committees meeting next week “that we’re on the verge of making a deal.” Fisher said 2 sides “are trying to respect each other’s positions” during meeting. Fisher re: Roger Mason’s Tweet; “roger knows we’re no closer now to a deal than we were before, questioned whether it was actually Mason’s. Union will meet w/players @ Impact workouts in Vegas next Thursday. About 40-50 players currently expected to take part.”

And the NBA lockout continues, for now.