NBA owners also agreed with the players union (see this page) that Tuesday’s huge Collective Bargaining Agreement meeting between the two sides did not result in positive developments.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports the following via Twitter:

David Stern: “We reiterated to the players that we needa system that is economically feasible ..”

Stern: Felt going in there was an economic deal “within view.” Thought there were economic goals they could mutually meet.

Stern said concern came from players stating the cap system had to remain exactly as it is today for them to accept economic concept.

Stern: Owners huddled and were not unanimous on concepts. But all owners unified they need system allowing 30 teams to compete.

Stern: “We agreed to be in touch.”

Stern: “We did not have a great day.”

Stern says it’s “still our goal” to start season on time.

Stern says players did make proposal last week that formed discussions.

Stern says not accurate that owners are still sitting on same proposal from June.

Adam Silver says players’ proposed economic move was “preconditioned for acceptance” that system remains the same.

Silver: “You don’t hear us using terms like ‘blood issue’ and ‘non-negotiable.’ Frankly, we don’t understand.”

Players’ proposed economic concession is “on the road,” and “we know how to negotiate dollars.”

Silver: “A GM that’s given $100m to spend compared to a GM with $50m to spend is at a huge competitive advantage.”

Stern says players’ stance against hard cap is “an emotional attachment.”

Stern: Owners spent “substantial time” discussing revenue sharing plan amongst themselves.”

Stern: We won’t cancel camps/preseason at Thursday’s BOG meeting in Dallas.