The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports:

Christian Laettner

Former Timberwolves Christian Laettner and Brian Davis have been ordered to a Washington courtroom today to explain to a judge why they shouldn’t be held in contempt.

If their answers don’t satisfy the judge, the former Duke University stars could be sent to jail - an outcome few could have predicted four years ago when they were basking in the success of their West Village development in downtown Durham, N.C.

Even now, as Laettner and Davis try to fend off angry creditors, West Village remains the jewel in their crumbling real estate empire. Its mixture of apartments, restaurants and offices continues to thrive, making it attractive to investors and to those angry creditors determined to pursue Laettner and Davis’ assets.

Today’s court hearing relates to a $671,309 judgment awarded to California investors J.D. Holdings in June.