Jason LLoyd of the Akron Beacon Journal reports (via blog):

Kyrie Irving

Maybe a lengthy lockout isn’t so bad for the Cavaliers after all. If nothing else, it will give rookie Kyrie Irving’s injured foot enough time to fully heal.

Irving said at his youth basketball camp Saturday that his foot feels “150 percent,” but that doctors told him it will be another few months before the foot is completely healed. NBA training camps were expected to open in about a week, but the league postponed everything following the latest breakdown in negotiations.

“My foot is not going to fully heal for a full year and it’s only been six or seven months,” Irving said. “I still feel 150 percent healthy, but my foot, in terms of healing properly, is going to take about another three months.”

By that timetable, Irving’s foot would be totally healed around Christmas. Many agents and various personnel around the league don’t believe a season will start before January, anyhow.

“It hasn’t hurt for almost seven months,” Irving said. “It’s feeling good.”

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