stephen curry

Curry, 23, is back on his old stamping grounds at Davidson, finishing up a degree in sociology.

“It’s about finishing what I started,” Curry said.

Going back to school may sound noble considering the pampered, diva label often affixed to NBA players. But in Curry’s world, such a decision was “not a big deal.” And that probably explains why transitioning back into school has been as smooth as his jump shot.

“I was excited, but I really wasn’t surprised,” said Curry’s mom, Sonya. “It’s a big deal to get a Davidson degree. And that’s the expectation that (Davidson) Coach Bob McKillop set — that his players graduate. I didn’t want my baby being the
only one who didn’t.”

The lockout has afforded Curry a rare opportunity to knock out a bulk of classes at Davidson, which is in Charlotte, N.C. So instead of signing to play internationally, where he could make money and expand his fame globally, Curry is back on the scholastic grind.

Offseason surgery in May to repair two ligaments in his right ankle made the decision to avoid full-time basketball easier. Curry’s ankle is still not 100 percent, though he was cleared for full activity on Sept. 14.

– Reported by Marcus Thompson II of the Bay Area News Group