Zach Randolph refuses to fall out of shape

zach randolph

“Me and Shawn Kemp are friends, but he signed a contract, went into a lockout and came back overweight,” Zach Randolph said. “I didn’t want to be like that.”

Randolph is indeed the Grizzlies’ poster child for the lockout. He returned as the franchise player, looking like a supermodel, so to speak, thanks in part to University of Memphis assistant Frank Matrisciano.

People call Matrisciano “Hell’s Trainer.” Matrisciano refers to himself as a life-changer. Count Randolph and everyone around him as true believers.

“There will be some players that come back now who won’t be in shape,” Randolph said. “You’re going to notice. So I was definitely motivated to not let myself go.”

— Reported by Ronald Tillery of theĀ Memphis Commercial Appeal

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