Mark Aguirre dominating the cupcake world

During his 13-year NBA career, Mark Aguirre made a lot of sweet moves that dumbfound defenders.

Off the court, he said one of the sweetest moves he’s ever made was becoming co-owner of a Frisco cupcake company named Dimples.

Along with Frisco businessman Keith Fluellen, Aguirre became a proprietor of the cupcake business some nine months ago. Since then, the cupcakes have been flying off the shelves and revenue has soared through the roof.

“I really wasn’t thinking about going into a cupcake company at all, but I have a friend, Keith, who introduced it to me,” Aguirre said. “I said why not go see what he’s talking about.

“Once I got to him and I tasted the product, it was really good. Extremely good.”

These are not ordinary cupcakes Aguirre and Fluellen are selling. These cupcakes are so large that they are approximately the size of a piece of cake.

— Reported by Dwain Price of theĀ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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