The Toronto Star (Dave Feschuk) reports: Yesterday, coach Sam Mitchell mentioned that video viewing of an ongoing three-game losing streak has revealed too many instances where Raptors who should know better have caught the ball on the perimeter with straight legs. This is a grade-school no-no, of course. In a game of bang-bang reaction, it’s a posture that says: “I’m no threat.” A straight-legged offensive player doesn’t have time to be a threat. By the time he bends his knees and assumes the proper offensive stance – the so-called triple-threat position – he has lost whatever edge he once had. Mitchell demonstrated. “If I catch it like this” – and here the coach got into the classic triple-threat position, his knees bent to drive, his wrist cocked to shoot or pass – “you don’t know if I’m going to shoot, pass or dribble. You’ve got to catch the ball in triple threat.”