Michael Jordan’s former HS coach arrested for harassing police during investigation


Detectives with the Wilmington Police Department found a body while searching a home in Wilmington Friday for evidence relating to a missing person’s case, and WECT has learned that one of three men arrested at the home the night before used to be Michael Jordan’s basketball coach while he attended Laney High School.

Police arrested Clifton Herring in the 1100 block of Cowan Street on Thursday night, while investigating reports of the missing woman.

Police say they went to 1115 Cowan Street Thursday night to look for the missing woman and Andrew Bernard Adams let them search the residence.  While at the scene, they arrested two men who they say were trying to walk away with various CDs, DVDs, a DVD player and some clothing.  Antonio Heard, 42, and Kyperoo Gore, 23, were charged with burglary.

While arresting those two, police say Herring, who was intoxicated, became “belligerent and repeatedly refused to follow officers’ orders to stay out of the way.”  They arrested Herring and charged him with resist/delay/obstruct an officer in the process of carrying out his/her duties.  Two officers had to restrain Herring.

— Reported by WECT 6

Author: Inside Hoops

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