It’s not shocking at all to learn that the new Sonics owners seemingly planned all along to move the team to their base, Oklahoma City. From an owner perspective, it makes sense to keep the team in Seattle if things are going well financially. But if the ability to make money using the current arena is going to be a permanent problem, it makes sense to move the squad, especially to where the new owners have lots of business connections and can easily land good sponsorships… I hadn’t paid attention to this but some Sonics fans emailed InsideHoops saying that when the Hornets were playing in OKC, a lot of the ticket prices were at a very reduced price, so the high attendance there isn’t a lock to be repeated when prices go back to normal when the Sonics get there. I haven’t looked into that myself, though… A lot of John Calipari’s college success is based on recruiting, not coaching. Now, I’m not saying he’s a bad coach. But there’s no guarantee his coaching will translate to the NBA a second time around… Just as I was typing this, Bruce Bowen showed up out of nowhere and elbowed me in the back while falling down. I think it was just an accident, though I’m not sure how he got in without me hearing him… The Knicks need to smile to Isiah Thomas this summer, thank him very kindly for his efforts, and completely part ways… The NBA MVP is going to be Kobe or CP3, I say (and lots of others are saying this as well, of course)… I was excited to share that the Knicks are giving free food and beverages to fans for the last home game, and that’s still cool, but now it’s reported the Cavs are going to give $1 million in prizes away. I wonder what the prizes are, and what percentage of the fans will win something… Just as I was typing something else, Bruce Bowen somehow got in here again and for some weird reason stuck his foot under mine. I better be careful when I stand up, or I might twist an ankle… The thing about the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament is, virtually no first round picks are playing there, and only a handful of second rounders, and you learn more about these players over the full NCAA season than you do seeing them play three or four games with teammates they aren’t familar with… Go Inside Hoops every day… More NBA rumors stories during the day as they develop… Talk to you tomorrow.

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