Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has lobbied the league to immediately begin making basket interference situations in the final two minutes of regulation and overtime reviewable after such a play worked against the Mavs in their 112-108 overtime loss Sunday to the Los Angeles Lakers.

It appeared that Lakers forward Matt Barnes touched a Pau Gasol 3-point attempt from the corner as it neared the cylinder with 3:49 to go in overtime. Barnes’ hands then came down on the rim and then he and Gasol instantaneously waived their arms in the air to suggest that Barnes did not make contact.

The basket was ruled good and the Lakers took a 103-101 lead.

“Any potential basket interference in the last two minutes of a game or overtime should be reviewed,” Cuban said he wrote in his email to the league. “I didn’t bring up that play up at all.

“You’ve got to make that reviewable. You have to ask them to change the rule.”

– Reported by Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas