chris bosh

Chris Bosh recently peered down the hallway that links the Miami Heat locker room and the team’s home court.

Though nearly a year has passed, he still feels the pain.

It’s what the Heat call ”Championship Alley,” the photo-covered walls paying tribute to the NBA championship run in 2006. For Bosh, it has a totally different meaning. It’s the place where the sting of losing the finals a year ago made him drop to his knees in anguish, a moment captured for the world to see by television cameras he didn’t know were there.

”I want it to be different this time,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. ”I want these guys to feel what they see every day in this arena.”

What they see - hundreds of photos of Miami’s title celebrations - represents what this team is chasing. What the Heat were a year ago, in the first chapter of the ”Big Three” era in Miami, was probably best described as angry and spiteful.

So now, with the start of another playoff run looming, Wade and Bosh say the mental approach is going to be considerably different this time around. The Heat open the postseason at home against the New York Knicks on Saturday afternoon, claiming to be just as driven by a title as they were a year ago, except this time they believe for more of the right reasons.

– Reported by Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press