steve nash

The Suns’ six free agents could create about $23 million in salary-cap space on the team payroll, depending on where the NBA salary cap lands in July and what the Suns do about restricted free agent Aaron Brooks, who has a $5 million cap hold. That would be more space than any NBA team has set up.

The most prominent Suns player who will become a free agent, Steve Nash, sees generally what is coming but also is waiting to hear the plan. If he stayed, a new deal would eat up a large portion of that cap space.

“The team and the club need to really analyze what their philosophy is moving forward and put a contingency plan together to build the best team,” Nash said. “It’ll be an interesting period.”

Of the seven players under contract, most have something to do with the current front office. This brass traded for Marcin Gortat. It drafted Markieff Morris. It signed Sebastian Telfair. It extended Jared Dudley. Josh Childress was a former client of President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby. Channing Frye and Hakim Warrick also remain under contract.

– Reported by Paul Coro of theĀ Arizona Republic