elton brand

It’s that time of the year when nearly every player lucky enough to still be playing is battling some sort of ache or pain. It’s certainly no different for the 76ers.

In Game 1 against the Boston Celtics on Saturday, forward Thaddeus Young was kneed in the shin by Celtics forward Ryan Hollins. The kneeing caused Young to also twist his right ankle. The ankle, he said, is feeling just fine, but the shin is giving him a little bit of a problem. Before Game 2 on Monday, Young was getting treatment and being fitted for a special pad to absorb any contact.

The more serious injury appears to be the shoulder/neck area of Elton Brand. After Monday’s shootaround, Brand admitted that the problem occurred when he took a spill in Game 4 of the Chicago series. He has been getting treatment and deemed himself fit, but the pain is obviously affecting him.

– Reported by Bob Cooney of theĀ Philadelphia Daily News