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July 2007
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By Kendrick Co
First and foremost, let me start by saying that although the jury is still out on whether Rockets new GM Darryl Morey knows what he’s doing, I want to be one of the first to give him credit for being able to at least do something with the roster within a short amount […]

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Bob Pettit: A Forgotten Star

While, basketball fans of today are marveling over the next 14 year old phenoms, they forget about a forgotten star from the past. Bob Pettit had humble beginnings after being cut from the varsity basketball team at Baton Rouge High School during both his Freshman and Sophomore year. However, during his […]

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II. The Rules.
FIBA rules are different than NBA rules. Its the trapezoidal lane, goaltending rules, foul rules, traveling rules, 3 point distance (and for the purposes of this entry we’ll pretend that FIBA refs don’t have it out for NBA players).
The adjustment to these rules, though minor and intellectually simple, have an adverse […]

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Kobe Bryant is probably trying to soak every bit of enjoyment he can from playing with Team USA. That’s because he’s looking at returning to basically the same Lakers team he’s been stuck with the last couple of years. You know, that team that Kobe said needed “serious changes” after he and the […]

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This is my first post in a still to be numbered series on my loathe of FIBA - or more specifically, why I hate the NBA’s participation in FIBA.
FIBA puts an extra and unnecessary strain on player’s bodies causing their NBA performances the following year to suffer.
Take, for example:

Joe Johnson , who had played […]

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The Detroit Pistons have had a very efficient and effective offseason thus far, but have one key decision left to be made: Do they resign starting center Chris Webber? The answer is no. Despite the misconception that it was Webber that propelled the Pistons to the Central Division crown, he was merely another pawn that […]

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Bad, Worse, Worst

All three commissioners of the NFL, MLB, and NBA are having an unexpected and very challenging summer. Which one has it the worst?

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Numbers Behind the Scandal

There are not many voices contesting the guilt of Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee at the center of the alleged point shaving scandal. Still, I thought the information below was worth posting. I recently stumbled over these statistics that are more damning than anything I’ve seen in print to this point.
“According to RJ […]

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Spurs waive James White The San Antonio Spurs announced today that they have waived guard/forward James White, a high-flyer who has been famous since high school for his incredible leaping and dunking ability.
White joined the Spurs as a free agent on November 3, 2006.  He appeared in six games, averaging 8.3 points and 3.3 rebounds in 22.8 minutes […]

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Fixings, Bribes, Gamblings, Oh My

Where does the recent scandal of Tim Donaghy betting on games that he officiated in rank on the list of the top 5 most scandalous fixings, bribes, and gambling in all of sports?

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