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TMT 10-11-2008 12:10 PM

Is anyone else a little shaky about the Spurs this season?
I'm really looking forward to this season and watching all our new additions. But even watching the first two preseason games, I can't help but to worry a little. I know, I may just be jumping to assumptions due to such little play this preseason already. But I feel that we may be in trouble in several areas at the start of the season. The major factors being:

- Manu Ginobili's health:
How will we hold up without him? Will he be able to contribute fully once he is back? Will he be 100% by the end of the season, or even after the All-Star break? Who will step up while he is gone?

- Defense:
2 seasons ago, we were regarded as possibly the best defensive team in the league. How will our defense progress with all these new faces on the floor? Will Bruce Bowen be able to consistently defend the best perimeter players of the opposing team? Will Tim Duncan still prove to be a dominant inside defensive presence as he has before? Will Ime Udoka step up as an elite defender for our team?

- Players stepping up:
Will Tim Duncan and Tony Parker be able to successfully lead this team while Manu recovers? Can players such as Michael Finley, Bruce Bowen and Roger Mason help fill up the scoring column with the absense of Ginobili? Can our young players adapt to the system quickly and start to contribute right away?

- Bench Play:
Manu Ginobili is out, will the bench be able to replace the 20 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds that he brought every night? Who will become our new bench star? Can anyone average double digits off our bench? Can younger players contribute?

- Young Players:
Can our younger, new players such as George Hill, Anthony Tolliver and Ian Mahinmi help out effectively?

- Injuries:
With Manu already out, can our other main players stay healthy?

There are just so many factors that can determine how our season will play out.

poeticism707 10-11-2008 05:21 PM

Re: Is anyone else a little shaky about the Spurs this season?
I'm very shaky. For whatever reason, the Spurs couldn't bring in the talent, and now are once again relying on Duncan, Parker and Ginobli to make up the slack for their teammates (like all other titles).

I'm interested to see Mason and Salim, however. The Spurs haven't had a capable three since...Gervin? No, Sean Elliot, of course. Mason could develop into a passable, clutch player within the Spurs system, like Raja Bell for the Suns.

The Spurs are always in need of shooters! If Salim could develop into anything close to a no fear shooter, a-la Eddie House, watch out!

As for the Spurs competing, barring other serous injuries, I still think they are capable of playing tough defense, grinding out wins with the collective experience of Duncan and Parker till Manu returns, and finishing in the top 4 seeds in the West, all while rounding into form for the playoffs. I even think Manu's injury may help Mason etc's development, but Pop must commit to playing the younger players, which he has always loathed.

So, we'll see!

Unless we don't, lol.

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