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el gringos 05-30-2009 08:43 PM

draft holiday
Nugs should try very very hard to find a way to trade into the draft for pg jrue holiday of ucla- holiday would be the perfect gaurd for this team- great size (6-4 200) both handed as a dribbler and finisher,good penetrator and creator, is a great defender and very skilled offensively (not really a shooter, but will be great as a passer and in the pick and roll) holiday would be the perfect backup to billups and the eventual starting pg

The other gaurd if holiday can't be traded for would be jeff teague of wake forest

The only frontline player I see fitting the nugs is austin daye of gonzaga- he is a project still being so small but he would be the outside shooting pf to complement carmelo and eventually replace kmart

Of course its unlikely that a 1st round pick would be aquired by the nugs since the draft seems unimportant to management so most likely nugs if at all will just stick with pick #34-

The pick at 34 should be lester hudson or if dahntay jones spot had to be filled tyler smith or danny green

Who do you like in this draft for the nugs? Both "if" a pick was aquired or at pick 34?

This draft is so deep at pg that the nugs need to get in

Geandily 06-04-2009 04:54 PM

Re: draft holiday
What the Nuggets need:

#1 Another backup big(TALL), preferably one that can hit open jumpers.

#2 A backup point guard with some ****ing decision making skills and the ability to sometimes make open jumpshots. Basically the opposite of Carter.

#3 A backup SF that doesn't clank 3s off the front of the rim 5+ times a game and plays defense. Basically the opposite of Kleiza. Maybe Balkman can pull off a Najera and start hitting open shots.

Other moves we need to make:

#1 Fire Karl

#2 DO NOT RE-SIGN CARTER OR KLEIZA Keep this ****ing comedy duo out of Denver, they are both terrible decision makers.

#3 Re-sign Birdman

runningdonut 06-08-2009 11:34 PM

Re: draft holiday
I like Holiday although it's pretty unlikely the Nugs have the means to move up that high in the draft. What is more interesting to me is remember last year, the Nugs worked out Ty Lawson and reportedly said they would select him with the 20th pick before he decided to stay at UNC. They then traded away the pick to save money for Charlotte's future pick. The Nuggets could possibly move up maybe outside the lottery to get him. I think we would be very good behind Billups and ready to play backup right away.

Jeff Teague would be alright, seems very raw and too small and skinny but would be a solid pick. If the Nuggets stick with the #34 pick I would like to see them draft Victor Claver or Rodrigue Beaubois. Both would be projects that would not play right away but could potentially be very good picks for the Nuggets.

el gringos 06-09-2009 12:17 AM

Re: draft holiday
I absolutly cringe at the thought of lawson- for sure not move up for him- you say teague is too small he is a lot bigger than lawson

Besides not seeing lawson as a good pro w karl he would play 2 gaurds together and lawson would hurt the team on defense and offense

That briesbos sounds intruiging, I would feel very good about lester hudson at #34 though

I just really really hope the nugs aren't stupid enough to get lawson when there are so many gaurds this year- maybe holiday would be difficult to trade up for but I think he is by far the best fit

runningdonut 06-09-2009 02:48 AM

Re: draft holiday
I realize it's hard to evaluate Lawson because of UNC system and he's undersized with a bad wingspan. He's still been praised for defensive potential and I see his game as fitting in with Chauncey as a backup. Strong, quick, low turnovers and hopefully good 3 %. I'm not trying to argue with you though because there are so many PG available they could do really well with a mid first round pick, with a lot of guys.

Claver is a good pick for #34 because i think he could eventually play behind Kenyon. Beaubois also should be available at #34 and very long and athletic PG with potential for defense. I would be happy with a number of first round PGs backing up Chauncey

NuggetsFan 06-18-2009 05:55 PM

Re: draft holiday
I'd actually love it if we found a way to get Holiday(Unlikely). Have him come off the bench and let Billups kinda show him the ropes and have him take over down the road.

Pretty sure it's impossible that we some how end up getting him, but solid idea.

goldenryan 06-19-2009 09:45 PM

Re: draft holiday
it doesn't really matter if they fire karl, billups is the real coach.

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