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04mzwach 08-18-2009 05:31 PM

Favre to Vikings. It's official.
Basketball forum...maybe. This is big Minnesota sports news. I'm posting it and I don't care. I've always liked Favre as a person and I've seen many videos and such of him off the field. He is just the type of player I want on my football team and it's fun to rub ass in the face of Green Bay fans at the same time. :lol He's not so fond of the cheese anymore. Sorry, Wisconsin Wussies! Even if he does go down to injury, we have a good shot of at least making the playoffs and the best offensive line he has in a while. Sure thing is; everytime we see Green bay we are cutting the cheese right in their face and flattening their ass. :banana: Go sign Rothlisburger, Randy Moss and maybe you can finally get the meat, buns with your cheesehead to make a decent sandwich. :lol This ones for Minnesota! Favre in purple and gold!

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