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josh99 10-05-2009 03:13 AM

My preview for the Orlando Magic
Here's my preview that I wrote for the stickied topic in the NBA forum...

Record Prediction

Dwight turned into DPOY. Jameer Nelson shot ridiculous percentages and turned into an all-star. Courtney Lee turned into be a great pick.

Beat the 76ers in the first round including game 6 without Dwight. Beat the Celtics in the second round, coming back from a 3-2 deficit. Beat the Cavs in the Conference Finals against all the "expert" predictions.

Jameer got injured half way through the regular season and wasn't at his best during the Finals. Lost to the Lakers in the Finals.

Jameer Nelson - Scoring point guard, a great shooter.
Anthony Johnson - Old, but can still put up some good dunks. Not a bad spot up shooter.
Jason Williams - Not really sure, but is noted in the past for being an amazing passer.
Vince Carter - Good slasher, passer, dunker, and shooter. Seems to be very motivated this year so watch out!
Mickael Pietrus - Good defender, very athletic and has a decent three point shot.
JJ Redick - Good shooter... and that's it. But he has been working hard on his defense. Most likely won't see much playing time unless we have injuries.

Matt Barnes - Brings toughness and can guard big SFs with his size.
Rashard Lewis - Great three-point shooter and underrated defender.
Brandon Bass - Great mid-range shooter. Very tough and physical on defense.
Ryan Anderson - Good three-point shooter and decent rebounder. Not a great defender and is not very athletic.

Dwight Howard - DPOY and great rebounder. On offense he is an efficient scorer who often draws double teams.
Marcin Gortat - Good defensive player and rebounder.
Adonal Foyle - Vet presence, most likely won't play much if at all.


Depth and versatility. With our bench is most likely going to be something like this:
PG: Anthony Johnson/Jason Williams
SG: JJ Redick
SF: Mickael Pietrus
PF: Brandon Bass/Ryan Anderson
C: Marcin Gortat
which is one of the best in the league. This deep bench also gives us great versatility and allows to play in many different styles...

Our point guard position. Jameer is a great young point guard, but he also injury prone and only averages 66 games a year in his five year career. Backing him up are Anthony Johnson and Jason Williams both who are 35 and would be a big drop in production.

Stan Van Gundy is a great coach. He emphasizes defense a lot and has turned under-average defenders, like Jameer, Shard, and Hedo, into decent defenders. He prefers his guards to get back on defense rather than to go in for an offensive rebound which helped us to beat the fast paced 76ers.

Our style of play is pretty simple. One option is to through the ball to Dwight in the low post. If he doesn't get double-teamed he tries to score and if he does get double-teamed he passes it out for an open three. The other main option is the pick-and-roll. However SVG has said that this year he is going to add some more plays into the mix including some isolations for Vince and some triangle offense.

There are a lot of new players this year (Carter, Anderson, Williams, Barnes, Bass) but they all seem to be motivated hard workers trying to win a championship so I don't think there will be any issues.

Our rotation is still very uncertain and will probably be different every night for a while until SVG sees what works the best. However my best guess will be something like this:
Nelson (34) / Johnson/Williams (14)
Carter (34) / Pietrus (10) / Redick (4)
Barnes (25) / Pietrus (17) / Lewis (6)
Lewis (28) / Bass (16) / Anderson (4)
Howard (36) / Gortat (12)

Four wins in the Finals. Dwight wins MVP and DPOY. The Magic win 65 games in the regular season. Jameer shoots the same percentages (that were crazy) as he shot last year and Vince averages 20ppg.

First-round exit in the playoffs. Dwight and Jameer regress to the players they were two year ago and Vince is unmotivated. I highly doubt this happens but anything is possible.

What do you agree or disagree with? Or just tell me what you thought of it.

HylianNightmare 10-05-2009 08:25 AM

Re: My preview for the Orlando Magic
thats really good and pretty much what i think the magic can do this year

josh99 10-05-2009 09:07 AM

Re: My preview for the Orlando Magic

Originally Posted by HylianNightmare
thats really good and pretty much what i think the magic can do this year

Thanks! :banana:

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