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Mile High Crew 10-30-2009 02:56 PM

Does Karl miss JR?
IMO George Karl has never missed anyone as much as JR right now. The reason.... 3's. The Nuggets have only made 8 out of 24 attempts. The Nuggets also need someone who can defend SG's who are 6'6" and such. With Lawson and Carter not being able to handle that kinda height, and Afflalo seems to be having trouble early this year. Karl misses JR not only of his 3 but his ability to spread the floor and that he can play Defense.

What are your thoughts on what Karl might do when JR comes back, will he start, bench, and who do you think will play along JR?

el gringos 10-30-2009 09:48 PM

Re: Does Karl miss JR?
He has to start

I'm sick of the surround the worst players the best for them

Karl needs to surround the best players with what makes them the best- complement your best players

Jr starting would be best for carmelo, nene, jr and kmart- giving more floor spacing for carmelo and nene would make the nuggets the most unstoppable offensive team in the nba- why give away 12-18 minutes a game away of having that physically demanding linup by not starting jr

For jr its better if he starts because he can play more of a shooter role until he gets into the game instead of being asked to come in and be a playmaker right away- lawson can take the ball handling that jr used to give the second unit- less mistakes and a more efficiant jr imo will be a 20 point scorer right now

kurple 10-31-2009 12:42 PM

Re: Does Karl miss JR?
JR isn't a dead eye shooter.. He is a scorer and is better suited coming off the bench playing 32+ mpg and in crunch time..

Put Afflalo in the corner and let him defend and spread the floor

Afflalo is our best perimeter defender and should guard Kobe, Roy, Wade etc.
JR is a good defender, but not as good as AA.

el gringos 11-01-2009 08:58 PM

Re: Does Karl miss JR?

Originally Posted by kurple
JR isn't a dead eye shooter.. He is a scorer and is better suited coming off the bench playing 32+ mpg and in crunch time..

Put Afflalo in the corner and let him defend and spread the floor

Afflalo is our best perimeter defender and should guard Kobe, Roy, Wade etc.
JR is a good defender, but not as good as AA.

Seen you post this opinion in every nuggets related thread, but can't figure out why?

Why don't you want jr in that corner spreading the floor- do you like jr more as a dribbler creator than as a shooter or attacking the rim?

Look at how hard it is to give away 12-18 minutes at the beginning of halves and still play jr 32+ mins- anyone who has seen a lot of jr should think it would be better to have more shifts from jr and the ablility to rest him if its not working- your saying he goes into the game mid 1st and 3rd qaurters and plays out both halves-

Jr needs to play with billups and be on the floor for carmelo and nene to get floor space to work with- its better for all the players- why do you see it better for jr or the team to play minutes opposite instead of with billups, carmelo, or nene?

The final thing is that jr smith is a whole level better of a player than afflalo- or even graham, balkman, ac for that matter- I know its pro basktball and we get so into who is who- but in basketball you try to play your best players and the ones that complement each other the best together as much as possible, and then the role players fill in the holes- I'm so sick of this catering to the role players the nugs have done since karl got here- it should be if its best for carmelo and nene its best for the team-

Why give up 12-18 minutes of making 5 guys cover billups/jr/carmelo/kmart/nene?

kurple 11-06-2009 02:52 AM

Re: Does Karl miss JR?
Afflalo is very effective from the corner (more than JR), and much more consistent than JR...
Afflalo is our best perimeter defender and should defend the best SG's

What JR can do is to create his own shot, but we don't need him to do that when we already have Melo, Billups & Nene on the floor.. Kinda like Manu in SA

Our bench was our best weapon last season... Our starters have improved with Afflalo so i don't see why JR need to start when it would make him much less effective and our bench much weaker..

JR is a scorer, not a shooter.. That's a big difference

Our starting unit have no weakness with these 5 starting, and our bench are still one of the best in the league:


Some might say our bigs height is a weakness, but i don't agree.. Cuz we play a switching defense and we switch A LOT, meaning miss matches will happen but it's important to have bigs with quick feet and hands... A slow 7ft banger wouldn't be able to handle that

JR would still play 32 mpg and play the last 6-8 minutes

el gringos 11-09-2009 05:01 PM

Re: Does Karl miss JR?
Thanks for explaining, and its not like I think your totally wrong but still see some things different

1- I don't think jr and afflalo are comparable talents - jr is a whole level better, so your logical reasons get thrown out due to a huge talent difference

2-im not sure afflalo can gaurd good pgs so his defensive stopper role isn't as big if he's only covering 2/3's

3- I want a more efficiant jr, which to me means more of being a shooter than a dribbler and a creator- I think more time with billups and carmelo and less as option 1 would make jr an even more dangerous scorer without as many mistakes

4- your still being na´ve about getting 32 mins and not playing those first 12-16 mins

Why give the other team those 12-16 mins where one of the 3 perimiter players gets a soft matchup w afflalo when you could make 3 guys have to cover carmelo, billups, and jr- atleast 1 of those players will have a huge mismatch in their favor every time? Why let 1 defender "hide" every time?

kurple 11-12-2009 05:55 AM

Re: Does Karl miss JR?
Seems like the FO and Coaches agree with me, so:cheers:

LT Ice Cream 12-01-2009 04:38 PM

Re: Does Karl miss JR?
JR drives George Karl crazy. As much as I love watching JR, he is better suited coming off the bench. His basketball IQ is not very high, and he often uses possessions inefficiently (chucking the ball). Starting him on the floor with Billups and Melo would disrupt the flow of the offense. Although JR is seemingly "better" than other guys that have started (Dahntay Jones, Afflalo), JR at this point is still better as the 6th man (one of the best might I add), given the current Nuggets lineup.

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