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mj_2345 11-07-2009 03:30 PM

2010 Draft-Center Rankings

Love Greg Monroe. He is going top 5 in the draft.

el gringos 12-24-2009 04:14 PM

Re: 2010 Draft-Center Rankings

Originally Posted by mj_2345

Love Greg Monroe. He is going top 5 in the draft.

Weak weak weak- again

I agree on monroe, a small center, but still the best- if that's what you consider him

Robert sacre at gonzaga should be the second center taken- he will be a better pro than aldrich who is a guy who should be working his way into the teens/low 20's but is being called a top 5ish pick so who knows where he ends up- its like last year w mullins where his "stock dropped" from top 5 to 20's- stock dropped? He never should have been there- same with aldrich (though no comparison to mullins talent wise- much better skills) but stop thinking of him as a top 5 pick- he isn't the type of player you want your nba team taking in the lottery

Aldrich has impressed me more this year but get real- nobody wants to put up with watching him shoot free throws for 82 games- that is ugly, it hurts

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