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netsfan549 06-16-2006 10:33 AM

Zo dissed Mavs, and Praise Nets
Backup center Alonzo Mourning may have started the series' first war of words. Asked about Dallas' wealth of talent on the perimeter -- players such as Josh Howard, Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse and Devin Harris -- Mourning looked back to the Heat's second-round opponent. "To tell you the truth, I think New Jersey has better perimeter players overall with Vince [Carter] and [Jason] Kidd and Richard Jefferson," he said. "Those guys together, they are a handful on the perimeter. I think they're better perimeter forces than what we're seeing in Dallas." ...

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 06-16-2006 11:44 AM

Zo hates the Nets organization and management aka Rod Thorn. he has no beef with the players and coach.

whaley82 06-16-2006 03:13 PM

he also had beef with Kmart.. I forget what happened but K-mart put Zo in his place after this

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 06-16-2006 03:38 PM

it was just a fight durin practice.

Zo was dissing KMart for whining about his knee

KMart was whining about Zo for his kidney and they got at it.

but after Zo was incapacitated, KMart wore Zo's 33 wristband and legband

whaley82 06-16-2006 07:01 PM

Really? I didn't know that. Now thats true sportsmenship.

wang4three 06-17-2006 03:57 PM

Zo's still a *****.

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 06-18-2006 03:00 PM

i still cannot find a picture of that Vince over Zo POSTER from the semifinals.

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